3 Most Popular Variants of Groundnut Oil

3 Most Popular Variants of Groundnut Oil

Groundnuts have always been a great companion of human beings for thousands of years during a casual stroll in the neighborhood park, moments of boredom, and even snack-time hunger. Salted, boiled, fried, or roasted, groundnuts always delight our taste buds. Being a very rich source of high-quality complex fiber and protein, they are one of the best alternatives to any other oil-based snacks.

You will be surprised to know that the goodness of groundnuts can be consumed in various other forms also. These days, groundnut floor is suggested to almost all heart and diabetes patients. But what is making headlines these days is groundnut or peanut oil. Extracted in a hi-tech facility provided by a leading groundnut oil extraction machine manufacturer in India, groundnut oil is getting immensely popular around the globe for its rich ingredients and properties.

These days, groundnut oil is available in different variants and each one is extracted using different techniques and methodologies. The infrastructure to set up the facility is provided by groundnut and canola oil extraction equipment manufacturers. Some of the major variants of the groundnut oil are discussed below-

Refined groundnut oil

Refined groundnut oil is produced through bleaching and deodorization to remove all types of unpleasant smells and impurities. The process is carried out in a facility manufactured and supplied by the leading groundnut oil extraction machine manufacturerAfter certain processes, the oil is refined and gets safe even for those who are allergic to groundnuts. Refined groundnut oil these days is heavily used in homes and commercial eateries to fry and deep fry different types of regular foods, snacks, and fast foods. 

Cold-pressed groundnut oil

Cold-pressed groundnut oil is produced by crushing the nuts. Cold pressing is one of the oldest methodologies used for different types of oils. This is the process in which the lowest level of heat is generated and most of the nutritional components of the oil remain intact. In the cold pressing technique, the natural flavor of the oil is fully maintained and this is the reason only the cold-pressed groundnut oil is recommended for patients suffering from different types of ailments.

Gourmet groundnut oil

Gourmet groundnut oil is considered to be specialty oil. Unlike the oil which is refined in a facility provided by the leading groundnut and canola oil extraction equipment manufacturer, this variant of groundnut oil is unrefined and unroasted. The oil in this form offers a more intense and original flavor than refined oil. It is utilized to give stir-fried dishes a more nutty, strong, and original flavor. In commercial eateries, special dishes are ordered by people who love and admire only gourmet groundnut oil.

Concluding Remarks 

 Due to a large number of benefits and medicinal properties, the use of groundnut oil is increasing by leaps and bounds in homes as well as commercial eateries. The groundnut and canola oil extraction equipment manufacturers in India have realized the need for hi-tech plants to extract more and more vegetable oils. Today, the oil refineries not only from India but also from across the globe are approaching these Indian companies to fulfill their infrastructure related needs.