5 Big Reasons behind using SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration Plugin

Don’t take me wrong! If not using the right place for curating and sharing Email marketing campaigns then you are wasting tons of money. Join the world of MailChimp that can turn your dozens activity process effortless. In this global digital world, if using the all-encompassing software that you can expect the fruit of investment otherwise everything in vain. Think about it! Moreover, for your assistance, we decided to uncover a plugin called SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration. It is to guide you on how amazing it would be when both CRM and Marketing work is handled with less effort.

What is Mailchimp?

A place welcomes all who are looking to fetch the audience with the email marketing campaign. Mailchimp is one of the versatile email marketing software for making and sending the email newsletter with ultimate features. A better way for the organization to improve their Campaign activity and make it more persuasive. Let the Email Campaign speak to the audience what it is.

What’s the most eminent function of Mailchimp software?

Daily, you have to do plenty of activities for business handling. You don’t want to give countless hours on this email campaign sending process. Even giving this task to someone and the time can come when he/she feels a tedious task for sure. Therefore, take the opportunity of Automation here. There is an option of automated email sending to save a significant amount of time. Set the scheduler and the email will be delivered on time. Simple and outstanding!

What about the Integration with other Applications?

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In general, Integration means reducing your manual efforts and saving your time and money. This email marketing software called Mailchimp can sync with various applications. You can sync with the CRM software called SuiteCRM, SugarCRM. With no complex process, you can sync this software with Slack and WordPress.

Why to adopt the SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration extension?

CRM software is a one-stop-shop that provides you feature-packed facilities to streamline your business goals. But if you ask the professionals then they will say the Email Campaign activity in CRM is sometimes overwhelming for them. Not everyone is giving the five stars to the email campaign running on CRM software. This is why we sync Mailchimp software with SugarCRM. And we launched a plugin for businesses of all sizes called SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration.

Let us elaborate on this plugin with an example: suppose your Marketing team prepared and sent an email newsletter from CRM with the assistance of our add-on. But suddenly there is a need for minor changes to the newsletter. Your team worked on that and updated it on the CRM. Will they go to Mailchimp software to update as well? There is no requirement for it. The plugin called SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration offers a real-time bi-direction function. It will automatically update to save your quality of time. Update where you want to and the second platform will get up-to-date automatically without your visiting there. Time-saving plus rich extension!

“The Extension is available for just $399.00”

List of the latest advantages of this plugin for your business

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We tried and tested this plugin and it is necessary for the readers to know more of its salient features that can help them. Are you geared up to know other benefits? Have a look-

  • A user is now free to choose how he/she wants to integrate. We are providing the options such as Mailchimp to CRM, CRM to Mailchimp, and Bi-directional sync. Everything will be updated in real-time with no delay. The identity of the greatest plugin!
  • SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration extension will allow you to adapt the modules of CRM where you would like to sync with Mailchimp. You are not tied with one of two modules only. Choose according to your choice and begin your email marketing journey from there.
  • Get aware of the Email usage statistics to gauge the work your team did for your business. The extension opens a box with the statistics to show like Bounced Rate, Unsubscribed, Sent to how many, Clicked by the audience, How many opened, and much more. It is also imperative for decision-making.
  • If not getting the functionality of setting multiple Mailchimp accounts then you landed in the right place. Get the functionality from the SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration add-on. Even this worthy plugin can sync email campaigns and subscribers like Leads, Contacts, Tags or Target lists, Accounts, and much more.
  • The extension plays a key role in scanning the entire database and checking out the duplicate records if made with a similar email address. It will create a record with different email addresses. So, no duplicate record will be made.
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