Amazing Benefits of Balayam Yoga (Nail Rubbing Exercise) For Hair Problem

Amazing Benefits of Balayam Yoga (Nail Rubbing Exercise) For Hair Problem

Yoga is essential for our changing lifestyles. Baldness problems have started to arise due to increased stress and anxiety, which hinders keeping hair healthy. In such a situation, practicing yoga and pranayama for some time can overcome the problem of baldness.


There are many Yogasanas, which make your hair strong, soft, and beautiful. Yoga reduces many physical and mental problems such as stress, tension, stress, depression, and insomnia and helps in maintaining good health.


Although there are many types of yoga, today we have brought this article for you, In this article, you will know what is Balayam Yoga, how to do Balayam Yoga, and what are the benefits of Balayam, let’s start.


What is Balayam Yoga? 


Balayam yoga is a kind of nail rubbing process. The ancient culture of India preserves Ayurveda and Yoga that has described the natural ways to prevent hair loss problems. 

Actually, Balayam yoga works as acupressure therapy in your body and collectively forms both acupressure and yoga. 

It is the most effective remedy and common treatment for hair regrowth and other hair problems.


Balayam Yoga is nothing less than a boon for your hair as it is an effective treatment in dealing with every hair problem, such as white hair, thinning and balding of hair, weak hair root, etc.


In this process, the person rubs the fingernails of both his hands against each other to encourage head movements to boost blood flow and oxygen. This stimulation, if done correctly, repeatedly, and over a long period of time, helps to correct MPB (Male Pattern Baldness or androgenic alopecia). This method treats baldness of men and women such as MPB (Female Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia). It is also known as Prasanna Mudra.

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Benefits of Balayam Yoga 


  • Everyone desires healthy hair. In this regard, they use regular exercise, which can relieve tension to a great extent and at the same time eliminate anger, keeping the mind calm and happy. 


  • Today‚Äôs range of chemical-based products that are not good for your hair creates huge problems related to your hair. If you are very curious to have healthy and strong hair, then you can do Balayam Yoga.


  • Balayam Yoga benefits your hair a lot. Balayam is fully capable of growing your hair back.


  • You can use Balayam Yoga to treat problem-related to hair loss like thin hair, white hair, hair fall, and bald head, etc.


  • Skin diseases are cured by practicing this asana.


  • Regular exercise can relieve stress to a great extent. Balayam yoga increases your ability to control your anger and makes you peaceful and calm.


  • The practice of Balayam Yoga improves the flow of blood throughout the body which brings a glow to the face and removes weakness.


The right way to do Balayam Yoga 


  • Start Balayam yoga by keeping your hands close to your chest, curve your fingers inside and rub your nails with each other. Continue as long as you can.
  • For best results, do not rub the thumbnail (thumb).
  • To get quick results, practice this yoga for 5 to 10 minutes daily.


Important things to keep in mind while doing Balayam Yoga


  • This process takes longer and results come out slowly, so you have to be a little patient.
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  • If you hold the nails of one hand steady and rub the nails of the other hand, the hair near the ear can grow rapidly.


  • Rubbing the nails of both hands will increase the hair of the mustache and beard. Therefore, while practicing it, women should take care not to use the thumb. Otherwise, you can become a woman with a mustache.


Precautions should be taken while doing Balayam Yoga


  • Balayam yoga can be harmful to those with high blood pressure.


  • In addition, pregnant women should also avoid this yoga as it can cause uterine contractions or high blood pressure.


Are you still curious to learn more about yoga asana? In fact, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. This might help you to go through many asanas for good results.