Custom printed jewelry boxes for all kinds of jewelry

Custom printed jewelry boxes for all kinds of jewelry

Anne started her jewelry business online, and the first thing she did was order custom printed jewelry boxes. Anne was running an online business for quite some time now. She was selling candles to her loyal customers. The number of these customers is growing steadily due to the high-quality products she offers for them. Linda is her best friend. Her husband decided to close his jewelry shop as he found his dream job as a graphic designer in a large corporation. As Linda and Anne were enjoying their dinner date on the weekend, Anne told her that she was looking for an opportunity to expand her business. Linda immediately asked her to look into this opportunity. Anne loved the idea and showed her willingness. Upon finalizing, Anne announced it on social media and her website. Linda’s guest room filled up with boxes of beautiful jewelry. She knew she had to get custom printed jewelry boxes for these items.

She started sorting out different jewelry items and started giving them codes. She used the computer as her tool for convenience. She loved the tennis bracelet collection that she had purchased with the stock. Linda’s husband also gave her links from where she could buy new items. She knew that the young women and girls will love these delicate bracelets. She decided to order custom jewelry boxes that look as graceful as the item inside. Soon she found herself calling her trusted print and packaging company. She was already getting custom boxes for her candles for them. She asked for Mary, her account manager, as soon as she got connected. The packaging company had appointed Mary to answer all her queries. Anne showed her a sample of tennis bracelets and asked her to design custom jewelry box packaging equally pretty.

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Custom jewelry boxes for bracelets

After only three days, Mary called her back and shared the design and box layouts with her. Anne loved them and ordered them right away. A week later, the boxes she had ordered arrived. Mary opened the box while trembling hands. As she unboxed, she let out a gasp. They were even better than what they looked like on the screen. She took out one box and assembled it within five seconds. She was sure because she timed it. It looked beautiful. All the flaps came together as a small pyramid with gold foil stamping on a black background. The upper half of the pyramid looked as if it were made of gold. There was a mini cushion inside the box on which the bracelet was placed. I knew that the young customers are always looking for quirky and fun options and they will love these.

There were a few other items that came together as a set. There were quite a few statement cocktails rings along with bracelets that had to be sold together. Anne selected the luxury jewelry packaging boxes to pack items. The internal separators prevented items from bumping into each other. Are you thinking of going to a disco? Toss out all other jewelry items and adorn yourself with a statement bracelet and cocktail ring. Check out the latest deals with ClipnBox.

The best of custom printed jewelry boxes

There are countless brands and local business entities that are offering versatile jewelry items for men, women, and even children. All these entities require custom printed jewelry boxes to display, store, sell, transport, and even deliver their products. Companies must opt for distinct boxes that help establish their retail identities. If you are a jewelry brand worried about their retail packaging boxes, visit ClipnBox and let them manage your troubles.

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