Is SEO really that important when entering the UAE market?

Is SEO really that important when entering the UAE market?

Whether you are an established brand looking to enter the UAE market or a startup that wants to make its mark in the country, if your marketing plan doesn’t involve a solid SEO strategy, you better start working on it now. No matter how unique you think your business is, there is a high chance that there are other companies that are already offering the products or services you are coming up with. This means that you are going to have strong competition awaiting you. 

While it might take longer for you to outgrow your competitors physically but you sure can establish your strong online presence in the meantime through strong SEO. Checkout this quick guide if you can’t afford to hire an SEO agency in UAE.

Where to start from?

You can start from your website content. Be sure to write detailed content on each page covering all the relevant keywords. Writing contextual content would help you get ranked faster because that’s what Google’s new algorithm is designed to do. Try covering as many related topics in your content as possible and break it down into digestible format i.e. headings. Don’t get carried away by the quantity ignoring the quality of your content because that would be viewed negatively by the search engine algorithms.

Instead of filling your meta information for the sake of filling it, make them count by incorporating the key information stating what the page is about and where you are based. While your website content usually carries the details about your products and services your metas are going to be your first interaction with your audience as they are going to appear against the relevant queries. Try to make them catchy and add appropriate CTA’s in the descriptions. 

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Poorly written metas are not just going to reflect badly on your search rankings but they are also going to repel your potential customers. 

Take care of the technicalities 

Content is still the king beyond any doubt but you cannot ignore the technical SEO and hope to get ranked. Your website should have a seamless design that’s easy to navigate. A website that takes ages to load and has a complicated design would only increase your bounce rate which would send out a bad message to the search engines. 

You can always explore and see what practices the industry leaders are following to take some inspiration from them. See if they are doing something differently than you are. 

Final words 

Regardless if you have hired SEO services from an agency or you believe in sparing some time and doing it yourself, bear in mind that SEO is more about offering a great user experience than simply stuffing keywords.

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