Medical Marijuana Tablets versus Marijuana oils what is the best way to take Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Tablets versus Marijuana oils what is the best way to take Medical Marijuana

In Florida, many different types of Medical Marijuana products are available today, ranging from tablets, concentrates, ointment, sprays, oils, and even smoke. The product most suitable for your medical condition should be discussed with an experienced Marijuana Physician before starting treatment. The Marijuana physician considers many factors before making a recommendation, such as, the severity of your medical condition, the nature of your symptoms, the effect that you need and the current medications in your treatment regime. Other clinical factors, including these, play a pivotal role in the success of your Medical Marijuana Treatment. The nature of an effect the patient needs or wants is also a big factor in deciding the right Medical Marijuana product. For instance, if you have severe chronic pain associated with cancer or any other severe medical condition, your physician might consider giving you a product form that has a rapid action time, so you get immediate relief. Some Medical Marijuana products will show immediate effect, reducing the pain minutes after you have taken the prescribed Medical Marijuana dose. Another consideration your physician will take into account is your personal preference.

The experienced physicians in My Florida Green clinic always listen and acknowledge their patients’ choices, keeping their needs at the heart of the service. You can discuss the routes of administration you are most comfortable with, and they will find the right Medical Marijuana product for you. They will ensure to consider your age, illness, and symptoms before giving a recommendation.

Medical Marijuana Tablets & Pills:

Medical Marijuana tablets, capsules, or pills are interchangeable terms; however, there are slight differences in the Marijuana composition. The capsules can have dried, and crushed Medical Marijuana leaves in a known composition and dose of Marijuana derivates. Fresh Marijuana leaves are dried before crushing and adding them in capsules in the desired quantity. You might not readily find these crude forms of Medical Marijuana tablets in the dispensary because they are not calibrated or designed as a particular titrant unless prepared by a licensed pharmaceutical company.

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Licensed Medical Marijuana pharmaceutical companies and dispensaries in Florida prepare some form of Medical Marijuana tablets designed with a specific composition of CBD and THC. Most patients prefer this form of Medical Marijuana because they know the exact quantity of Marijuana derivates they are consuming. Patients who do not want to smoke, and want to consume Marijuana discreetly, prefer Marijuana tablets, instead of Marijuana vapes and oils. Determining if Medical Marijuana tablets are the best way to take your Marijuana prescription depends on your initial discussion with your doctor. It also depends on which Medical Marijuana product you prefer. Whichever Medical Marijuana product you decide to choose, your physician in My Florida Green clinic will ensure you get the correct Medical Marijuana derivate and dose, equivalent of what you should get from the edibles or ointment as the case may be. The process followed by Medical Marijuana physicians at My Florida Green is to continuously measure your body’s tolerance to the given Marijuana dose, and adjust your dose based on your body’s reaction to it. So, it becomes extremely important that your Medical Marijuana treatment is monitored and supervised by an experienced physician to ensure the success of your treatment. If you want to schedule an appointment with a state-licensed Marijuana physician near you, you can reach out to Marijuana specialists in My Florida Green. They have established centers in Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne and St. Petersburg

Medical Marijuana Oils:

Medical Marijuana oils are concentrates that are created by extracting cannabinoids like CBD and THC from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The “chemical extraction” process creates most oils available at Medical Marijuana dispensaries. The extraction method uses a solvent to extract the cannabinoids along with other compounds like flavonoids and terpenes and add them to carriers like hemp oil or MCT oil.

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Some patients prefer using oils, as they show their effect faster than

Marijuana tablets and edibles. Marijuana oils do not work as fast as other routes of consumption, such as vaping or smoking, it still works faster than ingesting edibles. Oils also come in a variety of potency options, from oils that contain only CBD, to those who have different combinations of THC.

The most effective and popular way to take Marijuana oil is to take it sublingually, by placing the oil under the tongue. In this method, the oil gets absorbed by the mucous membranes that transmit it directly to the bloodstream. By taking the oil, Marijuana bypasses the stomach, increasing the availability and allowing Cannabis to be absorbed into the blood stream. This method will take about 15 to 30 minutes for the effect of Marijuana to kick in. The Cannabis oils can also be added to food items and beverages, to make different Marijuana edibles. This however, lowers the bioavailibility of Cannabis as the cannabinoids have to be absorbed by the stomach, pass through the liver, before they are available in the blood stream. This is the main reason for the delay in the effect people feel after taking Medical Marijuana edibles. Consuming Cannabis oil can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to kick in depending on things like what you’ve eaten and the speed of your metabolism.

Both the Medical Marijuana oil and Marijuana tablets are very effective in giving relief to the patients. However, which product works better for you, depends on the severity of your condition, symptoms, and your personal preference.

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Which Medical Marijuana product is best for you?

Since many factors play a role in choosing a Medical Marijuana product, it is a decision that needs to be taken under the guidance of a trained marijuana expert. The experienced physicians of My Florida Green, evaluate each patient carefully, and give a tailored recommendation that works best for each case. Each case is unique, hence both Marijuana tablets and oils are great products, but which one is best for you depends on how you want to take Marijuana and how quickly you want to feel the effect. The Physician in My Florida Green are very experienced and are in the best position to advise the best Medical Marijuana product for you.