Organic Foods Shop And Supermarket in Dubai, UAE

Organic Foods Shop And Supermarket in Dubai, UAE

The Lets Organic has established itself as one of the most sought-after places to buy all kinds of organic food in Dubai. A trendy, modern food shop and cafe in an old industrial warehouse complex, and a first-class wholefood restaurant. With a vast array of organic food products on their shelves from exotic herbs to fresh produce, to locally grown fruit, the Organic Foods Shop has truly opened its doors to all types of consumers. They are one of the few stores on the Dubai Food Cruise that sell completely organic food. Their customers can choose from hundreds of brands and relax in the knowledge that they are not only supporting the farming and harvesting of these foodstuffs, but that they are also helping to save the environment.

The Organic Foods Shop started as a juice bar on a luxury cruise ship that was full of young, impressionable executives and other well-to-do tourists from Gulf cities. On the weekends, the Organic Foods Shop became a popular hangout for British expatriates, who would travel back to their home countries with their newly acquired organic juices and other organic drinks. This brand has now established itself as one of the most popular shops in Dubai. And they have recently started franchising so they can one day have their own Organic Foods Shop on the streets of Dubai, and perhaps even further afield.

The Organic Foods Shop was named after the founder’s daughter “Sally Moragne”, who decided that she wanted to open up a juice bar on board the cruise ship. Her mother had also purchased organic groceries before she passed and set up shop in an old warehouse building. Both girls enjoyed the fruits of their labor and launched the organic foods shop in the Dubai Stock Exchange in 1998. The interior design of the shop is modern, yet elegant, with a chic, minimalist approach that owes a lot to the works of Le Corbusier. The interior design company responsible for the interior design of the Organic Foods Shop also developed the huts and other interior furnishings used inside. Some sample show apartments located in Dubai have been furnished using the same minimalist style.

  1. Organic Foods Shop started operations in Dubai in the year 2021, and has thus far expanded in size and scope. It was not long before it became a major supermarket chain and a well-established supermarket chain as well. They are also quite popular in Italy and France, where the concept of an organic foods shop was born. They are very popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, and in the United States. In fact, when the Organic Foods Shop first opened in Dubai, many local businessmen flocked to the place to stock up on organic foods and to visit the store themselves.
  2. Organic Foods Shop’s original store is located on Jumeriah Road in Dubai. A few of its outlets are still operational in other towns and cities throughout the Emirates. As it is a well-established supermarket chain, many other retailers across the city are known to sell Organic Foods Shop products. One of these is Tesco, which sells a variety of Organic Foods Shop items. Other grocery stores that sell these types of products are Safeway, Marks and Spencer, and Supercuts.
  3. The Organic Foods Shop concept is actually part of a new strategy by the company to revitalize the image of their grocery store chains. The company claims that by improving the” Whole Foods” experience and re-positioning their grocery stores to be more “Natural” and “Certified Organic” will boost sales and profits. What they mean by these terms is that their groceries will be focused on wholesome, natural and organic ingredients, including naturally grown produce, certified gluten-free products and certified organic ingredients. The Organic Foods Shop concept is also designed around the concepts of sustainability, environmental friendliness, good-standing with the green movement and responsibility for the local community. This last item is important to both the company and its customers; good-standing with the green movement means a company that practices sustainable forestry methods, protects and supports native habitats, and has recycled or reused resources whenever possible.
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Organic Foods Shop offers many common grocery items at discount prices and most of the items can be purchased in their store located in New Zealand. The company intends to expand its “organic” grocery stores to other countries around the world and opens new store locations across the country each year. The goal of the company is to emphasize healthy living while still providing everyday consumers with great-tasting food at great prices. The company has also formed a partnership with the university of New Zealand that will allow consumers to experience “kiwi organic store synthesis architecture interior design”.

As part of the strategy to improve the “natural” and “organic” experience in customers’ daily lives, the Organic Foods Shop concept is a multi-faceted one. Through offering a range of “natural” and “organic” grocery stores, it seeks to differentiate itself from the “cheap taste” crowd. The company also plans to expand into various other markets, though current expansion territory includes the United Kingdom and California. It is important to note that in recent years, several major grocery stores have begun to offer “natural” products and services, including organic foods.