Should I Install a Short Projection Toilet in my Bathroom?

Should I Install a Short Projection Toilet in my Bathroom?

The short project toilets are a modern concept. It addresses the needs of most homeowners who were struggling to efficiently use the space in their small bathroom. Most households in the UK have small bathrooms. Such bathrooms or cloakrooms don’t go well with normal size bathroom fittings and fixtures. When space is limited, you want to do everything you can to make the best possible space use. So, you can save few inches for other items or even give it a bit spacious look. The short projection style is the answer to these problems. It, due to its compact shape and style, helps you with better use of space.

Understanding the Short Projection Toilets.

It is an innovation in the toilet design, so with slight changes, you can save some space in the bathroom. The short projection name indicates that these have a shorter projection in comparison to their counterparts. That means it has less height and width from top to bottom, making it a compact version. You may save a couple of inches by installing it. That may help you a long way when every inch matters. So, the main thing is the design which is different due to its shorter projection. 

Short Projection Toilets Intrude Less in space around it.

Suppose you are looking for a compact choice of the toilet for your bathroom, the first question that should be in your mind. That is, do you really want something that is small and intrudes less in the space around it? It is a type of short projection toilets, as discussed earlier and does not become the centerpiece for the eyes due to its humble look. However, it does not mean it’s not stylish enough to enhance the look of the bathroom. You can say it is just a smaller version that is still highly functional.

Do you want Short Projection Toilets for Personal or Family Bathroom?

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There are few important points to consider. Ask your self is it your choice for a personal bathroom or a family bathroom. So, if it is for a personal bathroom, you probably have a small space, and you know what suits best for you as your will be the only person using it. However, family bathrooms are bigger, and everyone uses them, from the elderly to young kids. That is why you should consider whether it is a suitable design for everyone in the household or not. However, young kids may not have any problem using a small toilet. If you have someone in the house who is overweight, then using such a compact version can be less comfortable for them. There is no problem in using them in the bigger bathroom spaces, but it depends on users.


Choosing Between the Different Styles of Short Projection Toilets. 

Like standard toilets, the short projection toilets are also available in different styles. Which style you should prefer to depend on your personal choice and the space in the bathroom. For example, if you have a cloakroom or small bathroom where you want the least space usage, then a wall-hung short toilets can be a great option. These save not only significant space but also look luxurious. Similarly, the next space-saving option is the BTW toilet, where you fix the toilet pan with the wall with the cistern concealed in it or bathroom furniture. The only difference the BTW will cover floor space, unlike wall-mounted types. If the better use of space is your preference, you must choose from previously chosen styles. These toilets are also available in close-coupled style, but since the cistern is attached to it, they offer less space-saving than earlier discussed versions.

Short Projection Toilets at Royal Bathrooms UK

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In the last section, you have learned about short projection toilets. After knowing these details, we hope you are in a much better position to decide whether this compact toilet is suitable for your bathroom. You must remember, it is no different in functionality than others, but have a small size which is suitable for everyone. However, in exceptional circumstances, an overweight person may find them less comfortable for use. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of toilets available in different sizes. The great thing about them is you can buy great quality toilets at a comparatively lower price than the market.