Tips to renovate a space saving toilet in the modern homes

Tips to renovate a space saving toilet in the modern homes

Space Saving Toilet

Many people have homes with half baths or three-quarters of baths. The bathrooms are usually only equipped with a toilet sink and an independent shower room without a bath. These Bathrooms are usually located in newer homes near the back door, a laundry room, or somewhere else out of the house. In the Midwest and South, many older houses can be equipped with 1 or 1⁄2 bathrooms to serve a house for three or four bedrooms. Or with just one space saving toilet on the ground floor and a smaller half bathroom in the basement. These are all perfect ways to renovate a small bathroom.

An affordable luxury

Since these bathrooms are usually quite small, they can be an upgrade challenge. If you don’t have the choice of splitting a wall or two, the type of major change you can make in this room can be very limited. One option to try to make a smaller bathroom seem a bit more luxurious is to replace the tub with a double luxury bathroom with a multi-jet shower. Another area where you can save or even create extra floor space is to replace your existing unmanageable sink and cupboard with a smoother corner sink.

Consider natural lightning

In the interior of the house, there are many smaller bathrooms, meaning there are no windows in the room, and consequently no natural light. This lack of light and the small dimensions of the room can give it a very claustrophobic feeling. Pay particular attention to your options for lighting and choose equipment that adds natural light to your room without overpowering it. If it matches your budget and you can do it in accordance with your home floor plan, check to install a skylight. Skylights are even equipped with displays to allow fresh air to be opened.


Doors can be helpful, too!

Another interesting saving concept is the door. The traditional door has replaced by decorative, sliding doors, narrow swinging doors, or even a bifold.  Sometimes a traditionally hung door can hinder and cannot allow enough space to comfortably use the space to its potential. Do not get scared of going for something that might seem untraditional. You can create an exciting new search for a room that has usually overlooked.

Wall colors and mirrors

Complete your small remodeling bathroom with exciting, softer, or lighter wall colors or wall treatments to open the little space. To make the room even more interesting we use dramatic art in strategic places. A tile that mixes in the walls gives the idea of an even larger space. Be free to use mirrors, since they make the room look bigger. Just because you are dealing with a small bathroom does not mean that when you consider remodeling it there are not many options. So, a space saving toilet can cater to softer colors and huge mirrors.

Storage cabinets

The use of shelving can provide huge quantities of additional storage in the bathroom. Even the area above the toilet can shelve which will not interfere with toilet use. There are many containers for the store, including boxes, bags, and baskets; designed to sit open, concealed, and look attractive.
There are probably many less obvious nooks in your bathroom where things have stored. And the area below the sinking area has often overlooked; seldom used and you can create a large stylish storage area. So, here you can replace your full pedestal basin with a piece of bathroom furniture; such as a fully-mounted vanity unit.

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Space saving toilet by the Royal Bathrooms

In nutshell, not only bathroom furniture can help to save space, but it can also create a feeling of space. Especially by the intelligent use of bather accessories. So, try a large mirror on the wall which gives a better sense of space and reflects light all around the room. And, let as much natural light as possible and install bright light if this is not possible. Try neutral-colored paint or tiles and buy colored towels instead of dark heavy colors; if there are any colors that you would like.

Warmed towel rails take much less room than heaters and through the selection of equipment such as toilet roll holders, tapes, soap plates, etc. And lastly, choose all these items from a reliable retailer. Enjoy buying now!