Warehouse Facilities in Dubai

Warehouse Facilities in Dubai

Storage Facilities in Dubai has grown in importance, due to the increased demand for temporary storage areas. The demand is so high that in some areas of Dubai, there are already too many storage space companies. Some even offer self-storage units in some parts of Dubai.

800 STORAGE & SECURITY operated by Thiagar, which was launched in 2010 and offers some of the most impressive storage facilities in Dubai. It has six different storage facilities in Dubai, including pickup and drop-off services. The storage spaces offered by Thiagar are temperature-managed and completely monitored by CCTV cameras twenty-four hours a day.

Another good storage unit in Dubai is the Al-Wasi Manaf Building. This unit has a central storage unit that has doors and security cameras. The building has air conditioning and heating, and the prices start from Dhs 300 per month for a small room. So, short term or long term storage is often people’s choice here in Dubai.

Al-Wasi Manaf is situated at the edge of Bur Dubai. There are no security guards or police around the area, although cctv cameras are present. You can also go to the terminal and access your storage container through the city. If you want, you can have a local cctv operative come to your location and see what you have stored.

If you’re looking for industrial area storage services, then there’s not much to choose from, but there are still some good options. One Dubai based storage services company, Xcentives, have several options, all with different security levels. The lowest cost is their basic rate of Dhs 300 a month, and this covers all your storage requirements such as shelving and racks. You also get a small storage unit with security measures, and it comes with two working days of storage from Monday to Saturday. For more security, you can increase the security level to Dhs 600 a month.

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Other than industrial storage, there’s another important type of warehousing services in Dubai too – commercial warehouses. These warehouses are mostly used by companies in the construction industry, and they help businesses store their supplies and materials. There are several types of commercial warehouses, and one of the most popular is Dubai warehouses. There are many warehouses storage in Dubai now, and all the companies need a very efficient warehouse for their purposes.

If you’re looking for warehouse storage services, you should ask your contact person at your Dubai hotel to find out which warehouses exist in Dubai and which ones you can use. But what you should do beforehand is check out the conditions of these Dubai warehouses. Some warehouse storage services in Dubai ask for high Dhs deposits, some ask for expensive security deposit amounts, and others require you to purchase a possession permit. When you’re looking for warehouse use, make sure you have your papers in order. These are the only documents that will be accepted by the Dubai government, and without these papers, your goods might never leave the warehouse.

When you’re ready to choose the warehouse, look at the size of the unit. Bigger is seldom better when it comes to storing goods, but the bigger units might have more amenities than the smaller ones. If you’re going to send your goods for storage in Dubai, you’ll often need a customs broker to arrange for this. Your Broker can recommend several storage facilities in Dubai, which will offer you the best prices and quality of storage units. When you’re in Dubai and you see the signs saying that goods need to be stored, head over to the nearest storage unit and take a look.

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