Which Medical Marijuana products are available in Sarasota, Florida?

Which Medical Marijuana products are available in Sarasota, Florida?

Sarasota is a city located on the southwestern coast of Florida, renowned for its sunny beaches, resorts, cultural and environmental amenities. It has also become a sanctuary for people who are seeking Medical Marijuana for relief of their conditions. Medical Marijuana was legalized in 2016 in Sarasota, and since then, many new clinics and dispensaries have been established in the city. As more evidence is coming to light on the remarkable benefits and advantages of Medical Marijuana, more people are adding Marijuana to their treatment plans to get relief from their debilitating symptoms. A huge range of Medical Marijuana products can be purchased from licensed Marijuana dispensaries once you have a legal Medical Marijuana Card.

My Florida Geen, Sarasota is one of the most trusted and established centers in Florida, offering high-quality premium care and service to patients through a secure platform and a network of highly qualified doctors. The physicians can give Medical Marijuana recommendations and assist people in obtaining the Medical Marijuana cards certification. The experts at My Florida Green guide and educate patients on the various benefits and methods of consuming Medical Marijuana in addition to telling them legal rules and laws regarding Marijuana consumption and possession. These rules and regulations must be followed, and people must also educate themselves about the different Medical Marijuana Products available in Sarasota to make an informed decision.


Once a patient has a certified Medical Marijuana card in Sarasota, they can buy Medical Marijuana legally from licensed dispensaries. You must consult a Medical Marijuana specialist before using any Marijuana product. They will recommend the product most suited to your condition because every dispensary has different products and different levels of THC and CBD in their products.

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To help people make the right choice, My Florida Green has a network of highly qualified certified physicians that use the most advanced technology to create the best and most suitable treatment plans for their patients.

CBD and THC are the two most common chemical compounds found in Marijuana and can be legally bought from a certified dispensary in Sarasota. Both these Marijuana compounds have natural healing properties, but their actions on the body are very different. Most approved Medical Marijuana products have a combination of CBD & THC, but in different quantities, to ensure its maximum impact on the patient’s condition.

The most commonly used Medical Marijuana strains in Sarasota are Indica Cannabis, Sativa Cannabis, and Hybrid Cannabis, with each strain having a different effect. Indica strains are known to relax and sedate the patient. Indicia also reduces symptoms caused by insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle tremors. The Sativa strain helps with increasing appetite, reducing migraines, headaches, nausea, depression, and chronic persistent pain.

Whereas, the Hybrid strain of Medical Marijuana is a combination of both Indica and Sativa strains. When these two strains are combined, it alleviates some of the unwanted side effects of both, making hybrid the preferred option for many. The combination of these two make a remarkable difference, for instance, if Sativa strain is added to an Indica strain, it will increase the mental clarity of the patient by reducing the sedative effect that Indica carries, making it more suitable for people who want to perform daily activities while being on Marijuana medication.

There are other strains also which have different chemical compounds called terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, and these have different effects on symptoms. CBN (cannabinol) is found in THC and is taken for sedation, but recent studies have found it to effective with bone cell growth, inflammation, infections, and seizures.  

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All these strains can be purchased legally after obtaining a Medical Marijuana card in Sarasota. MY FLORIDA GREEN is the trusted choice of many in Sarasota, Florida as they are providing a stress-free process for obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card. 

Medical Marijuana products and their use in Qualifying Conditions

Since every product has a unique effect on the body, Medical Marijuana products are used to address different conditions. Various Marijuana Products are available in Sarasota with varying levels of THC & CBD are taken to get relief from a variety of symptoms; some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Medical Marijuana products can produce adverse side effects in certain people. You also need to be careful of your daily activities before you choose a Marijuana product, which is why taking Medical Marijuana under the guidance of an expert is always recommended. Marijuana experts will not only evaluate your medical condition, but will also recommend the product and dose that is most suited for your daily routine and lifestyle. For more in-depth discussion and guidance on Medical Marijuana Products, reach out to experts at MY FLORIDA GREEN. They have qualified consultants and advisors helping thousands of people in Sarasota get a bespoke Marijuana recommendation.

Chronic Pain 

The most recent studies suggest that sipping Medical Marijuana and cannabis-infused tea is the most effective method to manage chronic pain. To get relief from chronic pain, it is best to try strains with an equal balance of CBD and THC.


The best Medical Marijuana product for anxiety is CBD oil, this is the most popular choice and can be ingested by taking cannabis edibles, as the oil can be mixed with any food and beverage. Its relaxing effect can be felt within a couple of hours and stays for multiple hours afterward.

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There are multiple types of Medical Marijuana, but the most effective against depression is called the Jack Herer, which contains 18-24% of THC. It is known for giving patients long-lasting blissful energy boosts and a lively high. It is the prime product for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD 

PTSD is caused by experiencing a shocking or dangerous event, and people suffer from recurring thoughts and flashbacks of the traumatic event. Medical Marijuana has proven to help countless people confront, manage and recover from these experiences. One strain of cannabis that is used for PTSD is called the Harlequin.


It has been proved that CBD oil and any Marijuana product with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC can help cancer patients get relief from their debilitating symptoms. CBD helps people by relieving the pain caused by cancer, easing nausea, stimulating their appetite, and helps them maintain a healthy weight.

It is essential to take Medical Marijuana under the guidance of a Marijuana physician and not self-medicate. Medical Marijuana products are showing extraordinary results in the treatment of many conditions; however, more research is required to completely understand its adverse and side effects. To get more information on products, visit MY FLORIDA GREEN’S website or call to speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable marijuana patient advocate.