Why You Should Choose L Shaped Bath with Screen?

Why You Should Choose L Shaped Bath with Screen?

L shaped bath with the screen is ideal for a luxurious bath experience as their angular shape with l shaped end provides extra space when showering. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, deciding about the type of bath can be a big decision. You should choose a kind of bath that adds to your comfort and is stylish and durable. Each type of bath has a different shape to suit various design needs. As the name suggests, l shaped bath with a screen has a wider end on one side so you can install a shower. The extra room available at the end with the screen making it possible for you enjoy a luxurious shower without worrying about water splash out. 

Here are few reasons you should choose L shaped bath with a screen.

L Shaped Baths with Screen are Perfect Choice for Contemporary & Traditional Bathrooms.

This style is an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. You can install them in the compact as well as spacious bathrooms. This style perfectly works with a combination of furniture, giving it a neat and sophisticated look and feel.  You can even create a designer look using l shaped bath, modern taps fitting, and a shower screen. 

Comfortable Design. 

L shaped baths allow maximum space for a comfortable and rejuvenating bathing experience. You can move around due to extra space availability at the wider end during a shower. This style is enough depth that you can sit up, cushion your arms, and support your back comfortably for a relaxing bath. 

Combine both Bath and a Shower!

Although you may have an option to install a shower over straight shower tubs, L-shaped shower baths combine a bath and a shower. So, with this style, you can benefit from both options. If you can fit a bathtub in your bathroom, a choice of l shaped bath will give an extra benefit.

Save Floor Space!

L shaped bath with a screen gives you an option to enjoy both a bath and a shower by installing a shower over it.  That means you don’t need any extra floor space for the shower; hence it is a kind of space-saving that you can get benefit from.  So, l shaped baths look aesthetically good and offer space saving. 

A better choice for a Family!

As l shaped bath has one larger end, it is easier to use it for bathing your child. You can easily stay outside while cleaning the child. Compared to other types of baths, L Shaped is more suitable for the children use due to its extra space. 

Transform the Bathroom Look!

L shaped bathtubs with shower screen can transform your bathroom’s entire look. These are brilliant to set the design scheme with superior aesthetics.  Their clean and minimalist look can complement any bathroom layout. It’s a perfect choice if you want to make the most out of your available bathroom space. 


  1. Range: Qubix
  2. Material Thickness: 6mm
  3. Space-saving dual purpose bath and shower enclosure in modern L-shaped design
  4. Right-handed bath – the showering end is on the right-hand side
  5. High gloss white finish

Summing It Up!

L shaped bath is specifically designed to combine both a bath and shower.  Although you can fit them in any bathroom, their shape with one wider end is suitable for a shower. You can even use this space to bath your child comfortably. It usually fits the wider end with a shower screen to avoid water splash. Besides saving space, l shaped bath with a screen looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. So, whether you have a traditional bathroom or want to create a contemporary look, it is perfect for any such purpose. 

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