Wow Grape Meme Became Viral in Pakistan on Social Media Platforms

Wow Grape Meme Became Viral in Pakistan on Social Media Platforms

The famous wow grape meme in Pakistan became a talk of the town when the students and principal of Pakistan International School, Jeddah revealed their patriotism for the country. It was Senator Sehar Kamran, the principal whose accent made the whole event funny. Other than that, the answers of the students were memes material too since they didn’t know what they were saying. Some people say it is ironic that the function was supposed to be very serious since it was about Pakistan and how its people would do anything for its prosperity and protection but it became a hilarious one instead. The students said they would sacrifice their life for it, some stated, they would destroy India after growing up. The PISJ school function grasped the attention of a lot of people around the world. People posted memes on social media about the way they all spoke and trolled the Senator as well for making sour grape meme out of a simple word due to her accent.

Why Wow Grape Meme Offended Many?

The wow grape meme turned out to be offensive for a massive number of people in Pakistan. The public criticized the school’s way of educating children and teach them only how to memorize things. Although, the wow grape meme wasn’t the only thing that grasped public’s attention. In the videos, the viewers can notice the children just blabbing about sacrificing themselves for the country and how they want to help it grow better. They didn’t really know the meaning of words coming out of their mouths. Apparently, the spoon-feeding by the principal can be seen clearly. The kids knew the words but couldn’t comprehend the meaning. For instance, one student mentioned he wants to make the country proud and happy but didn’t know exactly how to do that. Sehar Kamran corrected him in an even funnier way. Her Wow grape (great) at the end of the sentence became the highlight of the show. The public outrage began to rise when they saw that the students knew nothing. They raised questions on the school and the staff regarding their teaching methods.

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Criticism on Senator Sehar for Teaching Students Nationalism

Social media users brought the matter to the platforms and criticized Kamran for being an insolent nationalist. The biggest issue people saw was her approval and appraisal of what the students were addressed. Some parents raised concerns about the learning of kids in the school. Their wonderments reflected the school’s inappropriate teaching material. Many didn’t see the wow grape meme as an issue since it was just an accent but they did acknowledge the wrongful means of delivering a message before a big audience.

As the videos went viral on social media, a huge number of people around the globe witnessed and expressed their concerns. In other words, the international media also picked it up and supposedly presented it as Pakistan’s biggest issue mirroring the educational crisis in the country. People spend a lot of money on education so that their kids go learn better and get the necessary education to live and prosper in a society. Moreover, the meaning of gaining education in Pakistan is not just memorizing stuff but actually know something. The concerns of the public revealed that schools are the means of providing basic education. kids start their journey of learning through schools since it is the very first step. Thus, certain people became conscious about the educational institutes’ inappropriate way of teaching after watching the kids and principal saying idiotic things at the event. The popularity of the jokes on sour grapes meme is similar to the trending topic now a days about TikTok vs Snack video.

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Despite the public’s way of seeing the senator’s poor approach to managing children’s literacy skills, the country awarded her with Tamgh e Imtiaz for her services in the education department. Some people commented on that too. They stated how the govt of Pakistan present such a noble award to a woman who initiated the graps memes by pronouncing the word ‘great’ grape.

TikTok Seized the Opportunity of Using the Meme for Its Own Good

Aside from the criticism and negativity towards the school, senator and kids, many praised them all for sharing thoughtful messages. Besides, many TikTok personalities took the liberty to make videos by using the chunks of grapes memes from the event’s highlights. They mimicked some of the most popular comments from the kids including ‘I will sacrifice my own life for Pakistan’, and many more. Some particularly picked the wow grape meme for the videos. It seemed like TikTok unban in Pakistan urged people to use the app quickly as it was necessary to troll someone after the gap. The application became the motivation for many to admire the kids’ efforts and it also turned to be the cause of widespread memes unintentionally generated by the Kamran.